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New AITP October 12, 2016

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Mile of Music

How We Got Here

Mile of Music App

Mile of Music App Architecture

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## Fostering Innovation Innovation at Companies is Hard Day Job Wins Customer Service Wins Challenge for a Consultancy
## Dev/Give Camps Skyline started Give Camps in 2010 Give Camps focus on non profits Dev Camps for hacking around
## Dev/Give Camps ![Give Camp History](/images/giveCampHIstory.png)
## Give Camps Appleton Compassion Project - Cloud, Mobile app dev Riverview Gardens - MVC, Mobile app dev Packer Heritage Trail - CMS Big Brothers Big Sisters - Mobile Shifting Gears - Kinect Impact - Angular, Cloud
## Dev Camps Kinect - Bobbleheads Google Glass IoT - Coffee is empty/Is the boss grumpy Occulus Rift - Game Dev Windows 8 - 6 Apps Developed Android Wear/Bots/Voice Apps/Etc/Etc
## Sorry Not Here to Talk Skyline Engaging in Community Is Important Fostering opportunities for Innovation is the only Reason We Are Here

Mile of Music

## Music Festival Started by Cory Chisel and Dave Willems in 2013 Year 4 had 800+ live music sets, 200+ artists, 70+ venues Year 4, 60,000 attendees New Year's Show featuring some GREAT music Mile 5 - August 3-6, 2017
## Successes Multi million dollar economic impact Fosters growing music scene in Appleton Grammy nominated artists performances Appleton [ranked]( 44th amongst best cities for Music Fans Money magazine [ranked]( Appleton 24th best place to live
## Coincidence? ![a](/images/appletonDrink.png)
## How We Got Here Appleton Compassion Project - Cory Chisel involved in Compassion Live event Mile 1, Dave Reached out for texting solution with Twillio We Have Music Nerds Mile 2, Skyline Approached MOM Team about a mobile app Mile 3, Mile 4; Rewrite app, incorporate feedback, grow app
## How We Got Here Outside our Office on a Normal Day ![Plaza today](/images/houdiniToday.jpg)
## How We Got Here Outside our Office During Festival ![Plaza During Festival](/images/houdiniPlaza.jpg)

Festival App

Core Tenent of Festival - Emerging Artists

Core Features

  • Artists
  • Venues
  • Favorites/Schedule
  • App - Splash

    • Countdown
    • Display Facebook Feed
    • Quick Jumps

    App - Artist

    • Artist biography

    App - Artist

    • Artist Schedule

    App - Artist

    • Artist Connect

    App - Venues

    • Venue Information
    • Age Restrictions

    App - Venues

    • Concerts by Location

    App - Venues

    • Contact Information
    • Directions via Native Map App

    App - Concerts

    • SOOO Many Shows
    • Manage Size; Break Down Day and Times

    App - Concerts

    • Displays Within Time Slot

    App - Year 4 Improvements


    Push Notifications

    Mile Of Music Bus


    Cloud from the Beginning

    Mobile App is Essentially No Database

    Considerations in Cloud Infrastructure

    Architecture - Why Cloud?

    Nobody Wanted Servers

    Prime Example of Burst Mode

    Learn More Azure Stack

    Architecture -Burst Mode

    Architecture - Storage

    Blob Storage

    Process to Synch Data From Back End (Marcato)

    JSON File Persists


    App Less Chatty

    Architecture - Web

    Azure WebJob - Cron for the Cloud

    And Thats It - Mobile First

    Architecture - Crowd Data

    Needed An Alternative to GPS

    Bluetooth Low Eneregy - BLE

    Architecture - Crowd Data

    BLE Sends out an ID

    App is Coded to Listen for BLE

    Send Unique Phone ID and BLE ID To Azure

    Architecture - Crowd Data

    Architecture - Mobile App

    Mile 2 - App Developed with Cordova/PhoneGap

    Issues with Performance

    Quirky Development Experience (better now)

    Architecture - Mobile App

    Mile 3 - Rewrite in Xamarin

    Native Code = Native Performance

    Xamarin Forms allows 60-95% Code Reuse

    Great for Microsoft Shops

    Architecture - Automated Build

    Cloud Hosted Visual Studio Team Services

    On Premise Build with Mac

    Hockey App for Distribution

    Deploy to Devices

    Architecture - Automated Build

    Representing NEW on Global Stage

    Microsoft Sends Team of 6 To Make Video

    Two Days Spent Recording Video for WPC

    Presented at Microsoft WorldWide Partner Conference


    More Exposure

    Microsoft Global Sales Conference


    Investing in Innovation Has Provided Huge Dividends

    Investing in Community Has Provided Huge Dividends

    Ecourage Passion in Employees

    Never Know Where it Will Take You!


    John Ptacek




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